150TPD Rice Mill Plant in Thailand


150TPD Rice Mill Plant in Thailand

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We designed and built the150TPD Rice Mill Plant in Thailand.

This plant includes the machines as follow:
Elevator-- cylindrical pre-cleaner-- vibrating cleaner-- destoner-- magnetic separator-- husker-- paddy separator-- emery rice whitener-- vertical emery-iron roller rice whitener-- rice grader-- rice water polisher-- rice color sorter-- rice grader-- double outlet packing scale

Win Tone Rice Processing Technologies:
Pre-cleaning solutions
Drying systems
Storage systems
Cleaning solutions
Hulling solutions
Whitening and Polishing
Grading solutions
Optical sorting solutions
Weighing, Dosifying and Bagging
Aspiration & Dedusting systems




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What Our Clients Say About Wintone

The bean cleaning line ordered by WINTONE has been in production for 3 months. The current output is stable and selected beans with good color and no dust. The diseased seeds have been sorted out and the quality is high. The state government specially visited and reported my factory.

Peter Martens

U.S. New York State

I made a trial order of 50 tons of rice processing plants from China Win Tone Company in 2019, and it worked well. I ordered a set of 200 tons of pre-cooked corn flour production line. What I prefer is mixing, feeding, oven, grinding, and packaging. It's all automated computer control, NICE!



After shopping around, I finally chose the 120TPD coffee bean cleaning line designed by China Win Tone Machinery, which not only has a good cleaning effect, but also is cost-effective. Automated production saves labors and ensures stable output. Their sales Jaspher Gao is very interesting.

Fikadu Leul