Congratulations on the Peas Processing Plant Delivery

The new customer- Tonghui Grain & Oil Corporation, signed the contract on 30-40T Peas Processing Project with us in September. Tonghui Grain & Oil Corporation, as one large domestic pulses trading and processing company, is committed to peas trading and processing. After the allaround investigation, they chose Win Tone finally! […]

A Perfect Helper for Your Fufu Grinding Work

Do you know fufu? In most parts of Africa, cornmeal, is a side dish you would find in restaurant menus and in home kitchens around the continent – under different aliases. The most notable are fufu(West Africa), Ugali (Kenya), Nshima –Zambia, Nsima – Malawi and South Africa – Meilie pap. When paired with greens, stews and/or protein – it sure is delightful and quite filling. […]

Senegal 15T Corn Grits and Flour Machine Delivery

Recently, our TSFZ-15T multifunctional corn grits and flour machine was delivered to Senegal. TSFZ-15T corn grits and flour machine is one of our featured product. It is quite popular in Africa for the advantages of low investment, good sealing, no dust flying out, sanitation, easy operation and maintenance, high automation degree, attractive appearance, small floor area and so on. […]