MLGQ36D Pneumatic Husker

MLGQ36D Pneumatic Husker

MLGQ36D Pneumatic Husker Introduction:
MLGQ36D pneumatic husker makes use of a pair of rollers with non-uniform motion in opposite directions, under the action of rollers’ pressure to husk paddy, then through the vertical air channel, it is separated to husk, which is discharged from upper outlet and the mixture of paddy and husked rice which enter into the next stage. The product is suitable for various types of grain processing and is the ideal equipment for large modern rice milling enterprise.
pneumatic husker Technique parameter
Output(t/h): 4-5
Power(kW): 11

 MLGQ36D Pneumatic Husker


MLGQ36D Pneumatic Husker Characteristics:
1.pneumatic husker High degree of automation, feeding door and roller get automatically controlled depending on whether there is material in the hopper;
2. pneumatic husker Simple and convenient to operation, adjustment and maintenance;
3.pneumatic husker Stable operation, little vibration, low noise;
4.pneumatic husker High hulling rate, large output;
5.pneumatic husker Air opening outside hulling chamber is conducive to the roller cooling, reducing consumption of roller.



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