Rice Milling Plant

120T/D Complete Set of Rice Milling Plant
Rice Processing Equipment

120T/D Complete Set of Rice Milling Plant

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Product Information

Complete Set of Rice Milling Equipment

120T/D rice complete set of rice milling equipment main equipments:

Elevator--cylindrical pre-cleaner--vibrating cleaner--destoner--magnetic separator--husker--paddy separator--emery rice whitener--vertical emery-iron roller rice whitener--rice grader--rice water polisher--rice color sorter-- rice grader--double outlet packing scale



Complete Set of Rice Milling Equipment

Complete Set of Rice Milling Equipment


120TPD Rice Complete Set of Rice Milling Equipment Introduction:


Pre Cleaning 
Removing all impurities and unfilled grains from raw paddy
Separating small stones from paddy
Parboiling (Optional)
Improving the nutritional quality and milling recovery percent during husking and polishing / 
whitening operation
Removing husk from paddy
Husk Aspiration 
Separating the husk from brown rice/ unhusked paddy
Paddy Separation 
Paddy Separation 
Removing all or part of the bran layer and germ from brown rice
Improving the appearance of milled rice by removing the remaining bran particles and by polishing
 the exterior of milled kernel
Color Sorting (Optional)
Removing foreign materials such as colored, broken, immature and insected grains from milled rice
Length Grading 
Separating small and large brokens from head rice
Mixing head rice with predetermined amount of brokens, as required by the customer
Weighing and Bagging 
Preparing the milled rice for transport to the customer



Paddy Dryer 
Drying raw paddy with high moisture
Thickness Grader
Removing broken and immature grains from brown rice before whitening
Flow Scale
Flow controlling and incontinuous accumulating measure of white rice
Hammer Mill
Milling chaff into grainy materials
Rice Hull Separator
Separating paddy and broken brown rice from husk
Bran Separator
Separating broken rice from rice bran


To know more about our auto rice milling machines, please visit our office or call us for a meeting to discuss on the project you want to set up. We provide consultancy service to set up new auto rice mill, to get loan from banks, to prepare project profile of auto rice mill, etc.

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