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Rice Processing Equipment
Rice Processing Equipment

Rice Processing Equipment

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Product Information

Completely Rice Processing Equipment based on digesting and absorbing advanced technique at home and abroad. The whole set equipment includes bucket elevator, combined separator and rice destoner machine, rubber roll paddy husker machine, paddy  separator machine, jet-air rice polishing machine, rice grading machine, dust catcher and electric controller. It is formed by linear arrangement, vertical arrangement etc. Meanwhile, it also can be designed according to requirement of different user. From paddy cleaning to rice packing, the operation is automatically controlled.It applies to processing plants in urban and rural areas, farm, grain supply station, and granary and grain shop. It can process first-class rice.

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Next we introduce whole rice processing equipment used during rice milling process.

Rice Cleaning: removes foreign objects, such as hey, straw, stone, tree stump, and snail shell, from the paddy.

Rice Husking: rubs excessive husks off cleaned paddy. Once removed, brown rice is separated from the husks through the ventilation process.

Rice Paddy Separator : separates some unhusked paddy from brown rice by applying a difference in gravitational pull and surface friction The unhusked paddy, then, re-enters the husking process.

Rice Milling : strips off the bran layer from brown rice. The bran layer is by air ventilation, which sucks in the brand layer. This process usually takes 2 to 3 cycles, depending on the required milling degree.

Rice Grading: separates milled rice (mixture of different sizes: whole grain, head rice, and broken rice) by a sieve grader. The finished rice will be stored in individual bads, according to its grade. And the rice is ready for delivery.

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