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1.5TPH Small  Automatic Rice Milling Machine
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1.5TPH Small Automatic Rice Milling Machine

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Product Information

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There are many kinds of Rice Milling Machines with different capacity. We introduce customers a small kind of rice milling machine suitable for farmers & small scale rice processing factory.

The small rice mill machine consists of a paddy cleaner, de-stoner, paddy husker (rice huller), separator, rice miller (dry polisher), bucket elevator & blower. It can produce high quality white rice with fewer broken rice.

1.5TPH Mini Rice Milling Machine Designed by Win Tone has the following features:
1.Automatic operation from the paddy loading to finished white rice;
2.Higher milling yield & fewer broken rice;
3.High quality white rice;
4.Compact structure;
5.Convenient installation and less maintenance;
6.Small space occupation;
7.Low investment & high return.

The Rice Milling Machine Work Flow Chart:

rice milling plant flow chart

The Mini Rice Milling Machine Technical Data and Device List:

Type Capacity(Kg/h) Power(KW) Gross Weight(KG)
XCT1500 1500 28 1850


No. Device Name Desciption
1 DT4 Bucket Elevator Lift the raw paddy into the QSZQ machine
2 QSZQ63 Combined Cleaning & De-Stoner Remove the light, medium, large impurities & side stone from raw paddy.
3 DT4 Bucket Elevator Lift the cleaned raw paddy into HLN machine
4 HLN150A Combined Rice Huller & Whitener 1. Dehusking
2. Rice milling (whitening)
3. Separate the cleaned white rice and husk
1 Blower


2 Power distribution cabinet



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