Rice Hammer Mill

Rice Hammer Mill

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Rice hull crusher, here means Rice Hammer Mill machine for Paddy Hull or rice husk, is widely used in the agriculture field. This product breaks up materials, like rice hull, paddy straw, peanut skin, etc. through the collisions of the fast-rotating ram and materials. All grain and other materials are crushed into powder at once , leaving no residue. It has the features of compact structure, convenient and reliable operation, easy installation, fine performance, etc. It specialized be applicable to Africa market.

SFSP series rice hammer mill is mainly used to crush staff, such as corn, cereal and husk, etc. SFSP series hammer miller adopt the welded-steel plate construction, the motor and rotor of miller are assembled on the same base frame, and adopt the pin coupling with elastic sleeves for direct drive, and the rotor can be operated forward and reverse through dynamic balancing test. The feed port is on the top of Miller, which can be matched with various types of feeding devices, and the hammers are symmetric offset spread. The design of material flow and air flow of grinding chamber of the drip type miller is even reasonable, and the production benefit and performance are better.
SFSP series rice hammer mill not only can crush the rice hull and paddy husk, straw, but also can grind some kinds of grain crops like crop stalks, straw, hay, etc. It can be widely used in the professions grain, feed and chemical industry, such as animal feed factory, organic fertilizer factory. It is also applicable to grind raw materials of various granular feed such as corn, sorghum, wheat, legume, chaff, cakes and other materials.

The structure of SFSP series rice hull crusher is reasonable, safe and reliable. They come with features of small vibration, high crushing productivity, stable performance, reliable quality, safety and easy to operate and convenience for maintenance.

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