Rice Polisher Machine's Role in Rice Processing Operation


What's the role of rice polisher machine in rice processing operation?

Rice polisher machine gives superior whiteness to rice and is well suited for raw and single boiled rices. In the complete maintenance of rice polisher machine, we can disassemble the motor and maintain it, clean the motor bearing and infuse oil, check the insulation monitoring, make the cooling system perfect, ensure the motor work in the good condition and so on.

The RICE POLISHER MACHINE is equipped with water-cooling system, which can control the processing temperature and ensure the material has no invariance during processing. Inside of the whole grain milling machine is installed the air classification system. These machines are corrosion resistant and are offered with latest advanced functions.


Features and Advantages of Rice Polisher Machine:
1 It has specially made stainless steel, screw feeder and cam roller for longer life
2 Can convert my machine as semi silky by adding the water
3 Infinite adjustment for polishing
4 A special blower will minimise the brokens by maintain cool temperature inside the chamber.
5 Low maintenance, and easy to operate

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