Effect of Rice Mill Machine on Agricultural Development in China


Rice processing can’t leave rice milling machines. rice milling machine is a comprehensive Rice Processing Equipment. The rice goes into machine through vibrating screen and magnetic unit, then goes forward under the rubber-roller for hulling. Winnowing or air-blowing is to remove the husk. The machine may complete, all the processing works includes cleaning the grain, hulling the rice husk continuously. As to husk, chaff, blighted grain and polished rice, they are all pushed out and separated from the machine.Rice milling machine designed by Wintone adopts all the good qualities up to international standards.

Rice Mill Machine
China has the largest population in the world, accounting for nearly one fifth of the total population of the world's total population. Rice production in China is one of  the biggest country to solve China's population meal problem, safeguarding national food security has been the first priority agriculture faces.
Our company maintains national food safety responsibility, focuses on research and development rice mill machine, deep in scientific research innovation, breaks through the bottleneck of rice mil machine traditional technology, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the green and sustainable development of the concept of environmental protection, blend in today's society, people's way of life and diet, to create a green, healthy, convenient rice mill machine, and make a contribution to the deep processing of rice mill machine in our country.
Rice mill machine is an important commodity associate to the people's livelihood relationship between economic development and the foundation of social stability and national independence, national grain security is a top priority for the country. In recent years, with the rapid development of world economy, rice demand has increased sharply, great changes have taken place in many domestic agricultural product supply and fundamentals demand, external dependence substantial has increased a lot. The requirements of rice mill machine has become more and more higher.


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