Rice Milling Plant Technology Installation and Removal


Rice milling plant technology has a very big improvement recently.

The speed of rice milling plant technology discharging is adjustable can infinitely variable; thermostat shows temperature of hot air as well as materials in each process with function of alert when it is over heating. Water detector should be used to measure moisture in the rice. There are more newly built rice milling plant technology factories. Expanding of rice flour milling machine enterprises add power to domestic industry development.

RICE MILLING PLANT TECHNOLOGY should be commissioned before being put into practice. When you demount the rice flour milling machine, you should notice the following items to avoid damage of the machine.

1.Demount the rice flour milling machine as a reasonable order. Generally it is from accessories to main parts, from outside to inside.
2.Classify the machine parts according to property, precision degree of the material.
4.Reduce demounting times.
3.Clean up mud or grease before demounting and keep tidy during the process.
5.Prepare for installation after demounting to increase installation efficiency and correctness. Mark the machine parts during demounting.
6.Use proper tools to demount the rice milling plant technology without fierce knocking to avoid damage of machine parts or deformation.

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