Rice Husking Machine Brief Introduction and Operation


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Rice Husking Machine Operational Approach:

1、Put rice husking machine on work table smooth and steady, plug in the power plug.
2、Determine the grinding white time, adjusted the time knob.
3、take the pressure thallium out of the hopper, brown rice, 17-20 g (water content less than 15% advisable) into the feed hopper, let it flow into the grinding white interior. Pressing the power button to start first, and then put down the pressure of thallium.
4、To the stipulated time, RICE HUASKING MACHINE automatically stops, first remove the hopper, remove the husks. Then reconnect the hopper, and then remove the pressure of thallium, to turn the handle to the right in front, Make in white room of white rice to connect inside the hopper, the timer knob to zero, press the power button to make grinding wheel idling several seconds, make run white interior grain harmlessly, and then pull out rice bucket, a quick measurement of white rice through a sieve.

Rice Husking machine Influence Factors of the Market:

Upstream of the Chinese rice milling machinery manufacturing industry for power accessories, standard parts, electrical parts, machinery processing, steel production industry, the downstream for rice processing industry

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